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Coming of Age Sunday 2009: Belief Statement

Mackenzie Hudson, May 31, 2009

“Life comes at you in unexpected ways.” You’ve probably heard this quote a million times and never really thought about it. Being a Unitarian Universalist I’ve learned to look at things from different perspectives and be curious about life…

It was Easter 2009. Ashlyn, Ryan, Mimi, and I were in the dining room. Carley was out of the picture. For those of you that don’t know Mimi is my grandmother on my mother’s side and Ryan, Ashlyn, and Carley are my sisters and brother. Mimi brought out afghan pattern and that is when then it started again. Growing up with a mother who has had and warm blanket to cuddle under from her mom was something we all wanted too. Some patches are flat, have holes in them, different colors, different designs, or even symbols. It was something we all wished to get when we grew up. So when Mimi asked Ryan to pick the 20 patterns he wanted for his afghan we got into a big fuss. We all wanted an afghan before each other. However, Ryan was first in line since he’s the oldest. Ashlyn and I of course got into a big fight over why each of us should get an afghan before the other. Then later on in the day, I realized our lives are like an afghan. I know it sounds weird comparing my beliefs to a blanket, but trust me. I have an explanation.

I believe each person is a stitch among the blanket, or our world. We comfort each other and are different in our own, distinctive ways. Some of us are different colors, some have parts of us taken away, some have parts added to us, some are simple and easy, and some are complex. When I was younger I believed God was a man in the clouds ordering for things to happen and shape life. Now that I am older, I believe that God is what keeps the blanket together. I think God is a spirit everywhere and a part of God is within people, the ocean, sky, animals, and every place on Earth. Also, I think that God is something you go to when you need comforting. No matter if it is during an important Red Sox game or when you see a car swerving towards you, you always think of God and ask for a miracle. My beliefs have changed over time and I cannot tell whether they will change again. One thing I do know is that I think everyone has a destiny but it is not written in stone. I believe each person changes their own destiny and others’ as life moves on and decisions are made.

During a meeting for this Coming of Age program Jeff, Mary Jane, and I did a test to see which religion we would be if it were not Unitarian Universalism. When I saw the results I realized that I could be any religion, and basically be happy with it. Since we UU’s are a mesh of different religions are educated about them, that is how I know that Unitarian Universalism is the right religion for me. Starting in the Coming of Age program I had no idea what was in store. I got to learn about the history of our church and Unitarian Universalism, relationships, church organizations, worship, social concerns, and most importantly…I was able to search for the truth in what I really believed.

There for, this life experience has come at me in an unexpected way and I owe it to the unusual quote. Now I wait for more experiences to unfold in front of my eyes and continue the longer journey. 


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