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First Parish Universalist Church
790 Washington Street, P. O. Box 284, Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072 
(781) 344-6800
Worship: 10:30 AM
Children's Chapel:  10:30 AM
Church School: 10:45 AM

To Taste the Holy

Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz, February 3, 2008


I taste the divine essence in every bite,
blessed pearls of continuity and change
enter into my body and become transformed
into wisdom and truth, love and beauty,
all within this most earthen, earthy vessel.

Each act of nourishment is holy, divine
grace, ours for the asking, free
of who we happen to be or not.
When we look upon the holy light
in the eye of the other we see God, face to face.

When we taste the divine essence in every morsel,
we commune with the one who made us
and all the earth; we rejoice in the sacred song
of Life, and sing back our gifts
of a spirit even unafraid to die.

So, as we join to share this meal,
let us bow our heads in prayer
over these sacred grains and holy morsels:
they are no puny inheritance,
they are our divine sustenance--
aye, even of the soul as of the body.

11/23/00 - 1/6/02 - 2/3/08


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