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The holy web of our being together

Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz, September 12, 2010


One magnificent strand in the web

each of us is;

and that strand, too,

so marvelous in its complexity and power,

however long it has joined to the main.


But if we dwell too long

on the details of our little beings,

then we can get lost, overwhelmed,

sapped of all energy.


But if we each stand humble before the wonder,

and feel the surge of our interconnection

with each other,  and with all that is,

then we are one again with the Source

of all power, all majesty and beauty,


And our spirits surge,

and our hearts soar,

and we know again

we are each lover and beloved,

welcomer and welcomed

at Lifeís holy, sacred feast.


Thatís what community is all about:

there is a you for me,

and a place here for all of us.


A solitary mountain can have its beauty;

its own power and majesty.


But a single neuron exchanges no energy,

and there is no new creation.

Better to leap from star to star together,

even confused and awkward,

than to abide all alone at some fixed point

in an empty heaven.



12/30/98          9/12/10


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