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To turn yet again

Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz, September 19, 2010


We do not move in a straight line
toward that which is Holy,
but twisting and turning,
cycling and circling,
we move forward
and deeper
toward where we need to be.

Whether we complete our task
in the course of this cycle
or come back again to finish it
is unimportant
if we can look back
and say:
There is something new
I have learned today.


Life hurtles forward into the future
while we remain stuck on the pain of the past,
all the while denying perhaps
that the pain is there.


So, we cling to the shadow
of a past that never was
rather than breathing in its
enlightening, healing, liberating spirit
and then moving on to greet
the golden luster of another dawn.


We cling to the present sometimes, too:
the comfort, convenience, and predictability
of it all,
dooming ourselves to miss the chance
to birth new worlds
and live the awesome power
of endless resurrections.


But still--
even though the lessons lie forgotten
two days in three,
that they abide in us at all
 is reason enough to continue
and even to rejoice
and turn yet again,
and take up the well-worn tools and joyful folly
of another year of living
upon this good earth.


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