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Tending the seeds of love

Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz, Sunday, March 20, 2011


Perhaps final victory never come
and perfection is never attained;
but even this should not stop our human hands
from reaching out, and our human souls
from spreading light from one to another
in a continual, glorious arc.

There is nothing we can do
to stop the laws of nature, to alter the ineffable;
but what power is contained in a single human touch--
so much more in a deepening love
that reflects the glory and magnificence of God
in all of its grandeur and deep peace:

Not to reach out to those souls nearest to us
is to stand back and watch the holy seeds of love
grow dry, wizen, and die;
it is to stand back and do nothing
as the holy shoots wither
and the holy leaves fall from the branch
and the holy flower loses all color
and perishes, right there, before our very eyes.

 If we squander this love through our failures
to greet our friends and help those we can,
then what right have we like ungracious guests
to rail against life, against the very God who made us
and gave us this power
to choose to soar like spirits?

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